How to measure native advertising performance? - AdsJumbo Native Advertising, Monetize Apps, Websites

Measuring native advertising performance regularly is essential for staying up to date and being able to fix arising issues promptly.

First of all, your KPIs will vary based on the goals you set. There are three major campaign objectives advertisers want to reach, such as build brand awarenessincrease engagements, and drive sales – and we’ve highlighted important metrics for each of them.

If you launch a native advertising campaign to build brand awareness, you need to track the following metrics:

  • Viewable impressions
  • Unique visitors
  • CTR
  • Behavior metrics, namely:
    • bounce rate
    • pages per session
    • average session duration
  • Video views
  • Video completion rates

For the campaigns aimed at increasing engagements and attracting leads, the following metrics will be crucial:

  • Conversions, namely:
    • Signups
    • Downloads, etc.
  • Conversion rate
  • Lead-to-conversion rate

If you want to drive sales, your KPIs will be similar to the ones for the campaigns aimed at lead generation, but for one exception. Mind that viewable impressions and clicks matter even if they haven’t resulted in immediate conversions. And this is where attribution modeling comes in.

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