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With you can monetize your Windows desktop apps & games (WinForm and WPF). Simple implementation via NuGet and great eCPM with 100% fill rate! is verified and reliable ad network for apps & games. Monetize your desktop apps, easy!
WinForm & WPF
Monetize Desktop Applications provides ad solution for your desktop apps based on .NET, WinForm or WPF. Our SDK works perfectly on WinForm and WPF platform and is available via NuGet. Simple implementation and great eCPM with 100% fill rate worldwide! is verified and reliable advertising network for desktop apps & games.

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What we do is the new innovative verified ad network for Windows Store apps & games. We have developed a new way to monetize windows apps & games that provides an excellent user experience to keep your users happy.
Unlike other existing ad-solutions for Windows Apps on the market, our ad technology is based on 100% fill rate with top revenue, it's very similar to the existing Windows SDK. As a result, provides best ad performance and multiple ad formats including banner, interstitial and video ads!