Native Ad Platforms vs DSPs: What Do Experts Recommend? - AdsJumbo Native Advertising, Monetize Apps, Websites

How to choose between native DSPs and native ad platforms? Should you choose at all? We’re going to talk about the differences between these two and share experts’ opinions on the topic.

In the very beginning of your native advertising journey, everything seems to be clear – there are advertisers, there are publishers, and there’s ad space they trade. Pretty similar to how traditional advertising works.

But the further you go, the more complicated everything is becoming. You find out there are not only tons of platforms you can go with, but these platforms can be of different types and functionality.

We asked top native advertising experts and platforms’ representatives about the major advantages of every option and here’s what we’ve learned.

For the definition of DSPs and ad platforms, check out our introduction into the programmatic native ecosystem.

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