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Native Advertising is an alternative monetization tool that lets you;

  • Increase your traffic using advanced algorithms. The recommendation engine skims through your website and tracks user behaviour in order to show relevant content to the your audience at the end of the article, thereby increasing site visit times and page views per visitor.
  • Increase your revenue by showing ads at the end of the article. According to your preference, we can show 60% content, 40% ads or vice versa, in order to create additional revenue from these slots.


Native ads are a type of paid ads which are placed like a part of the content of a web page, similar to social media feeds. As native ads aren’t perceived like banner ads, they provide non disruptive experience to user which is the underlying feature of native advertising.

Advantages of Native Ads


  • Native ads  are positioned in harmony with the design of website and even if visitors are aware that this is a type of advertising, these ads do not bother them as they are recognized as a part of content.
  • This ensures intense engagement between the content and users
  • The increase in noticeability and memorability provided ensures high CTRs and conversion rates for advertisers.
  • Accordingly publishers get more revenue with high CPMs simultaneously with an increase in their page views."


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Taboola, one of the global leaders in the native advertising industry, is our sole partner in native advertising environment.

Taboola ensures a seamless integration, user friendly experience and high revenues with its quality content, publisher tools and intensive demand.
You can choose between the two products outline below in order to start creating traffic for your website and gain additional revenue at the same time.

Taboola Feed

Taboola Feed is new game changer product which brings continuous-scrolling feed  experience users love on social media, to the open web by giving ability to combine editorial and sponsored, content, custom units, and sponsored video.

  • With Taboola Feed, users enabled to use infinite scroll after look at a content, which give a chance them to find out diversity of information such as in feed videos, contents, app downloads etc.
  • Making readers to spend more time on website is to main purpose on Publishers side. Which in turn, provides related content to users, which also keeps user on a website.
  • Publishers have a full control over to decide which part is consist of their own content and which part is consist of sponsored content,video,products.etc
  • Taboola feed is our recommendation because it provides the highest CPMs and revenues. You can choose the content/ad ratio according to your traffic/revenue preference.
Native example 1
Native example 2
Native example 3


1. What is the Payment Term ?

Payment term is 60 days in US Dollars.

2. Which model should I prefer?

We recommend Taboola Feed due to higher performance and CPMs.

3. How much can I earn from Taboola?

Please fill out the form below and we will provide you with a tool that lets you calculate an estimation for native earnings.

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